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Infyoms Labs -Laravel Crud Generation

I used InfyOm Labs package for creating laravel application. Which make the basic crud operation easier. InfyOm Labs supports bootstrap and coreUI templates. Using InfyOm Labs, we can create Model Controller Views Resources (routes) Table as json format Test Cases API for mobile apps and other apps I have used for my projects. If you guys […]

Free course for software engineers!!!!

Hi All, AWS and Google is giving free course to update and upgrade on latest the technologies and their services. It’s rare . It’s a happy news for the software engineers. Make use of the chance during this quarintine time. Spend time wisely. Links AWS.traning and 0

Is the technologies helping us to grow our knowledge??!

Yes, it’s helping us to grow our knowledge. It’s how you are using the technology. If,you are spending time on learning from technology and using it for our day today activities. Then, It’s definitely. It’s helping. If you’re spending time on entertainment. Like, watching YouTube, playing games then it’s not helping u too grow your […]

#Pressure – is it #good for #life?

It takes so many years to sand become stone. It takes million of years to a carbon become coal. It takes million of years to become carbon to become a diamond. It’s just not years alone. Those many years it’s been pressured to become a stone,coal and diamond.💯😎 #pressure are the ones will help you […]

Being #ordinary is #smart!

Being #ordinary is #smart! Being born, grown, educated, happily married and got children. Is it smart or dump idea? 🤔🙄☹️ If extra ordinary is smart!! What’s the reason?! Command below. What’s your thought about it?! Command below. 0

What is the best OS for development ? #OS #Development (#Linux, #windows,#MAC)

I have been into software development field for six years. I have used Linux distributions (Ubuntu versions, fedora, Linux mind, samurai,cent OS,redhat), Windows 7,8,10 versions. I have handled GoDaddy webservers , AWS webservers and Azure webservers. Linux OS (Ubuntu versions) are best for development. It’s my personal opinion. The reason behind it. It is fully […]